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What does being fit mean to you?

Do you want to lose some weight (and keep it off!), compete in a sporting event, or get that beach body you’ve always desired? Here are some of the different ways I can help achieve your fitness goals.

Woman Lunging Mississauga Personal Trainer
Resistance Training

Many people believe weight training is only for the seasoned athelete. Nothing could be further from the truth. Weight training can improve your ability to perform many of the activities of your daily life. It can also improve your bone density and help with weight loss by speeding up your metabolism.

Steak Dinner Mississauga Personal Trainer
I am now offering an exciting new service called Nutrigenomix. It is a genetic test using your saliva that will help me create personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA. Using this information and an appropriate macrontrient balance and caloric intake I can create a plan to help you reach your goal. Find out more here
Woman Stretching Mississauga Personal Trainer

Mobility Training​

Our bodies were never designed to sit as much as we do nowadays. This results in muscular imbalances that lead to back and joint pain. By performing various stretching and corrective exercises you can prevent and often fix these uncomfortable and sometimes painful imbalances.

If your looking for a Fitness Trainer in a semi-private studio in Mississauga or Oakville contact me and we can discuss the best way  to get you to your fitness goals

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