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Kudos to the trauma doctors who repair injuries and save the lives of their patients. And kudos to the therapists, physiatrists and pain doctors who patiently continue working with such patients to eliminate/reduce their remaining pain and dysfunctions. The importance of exercise, and professional help in incorporating exercise regimes into patient recovery programs, is not to be underestimated. I am grateful to Erik for the physical training program he designed to help with my own rehabilitation. In consultation with the therapists at the European Massage and Physiotherapy Center in Mississauga, Erik produced a series of exercises that, in spite of my physical limitations, should allow me to regain muscle strength and correct anatomical imbalance. Since last October, we have been meeting regularly and I greatly enjoy exercising under his supervision. Erik always provides me with clear exercise instructions; he demonstrates them to me first, then observes my own performance and, if applicable, makes suggestions for improvements or enhancements. During the session, he periodically asks how I am feeling and gently pushes for higher intensity only after hearing from me that I am all right. He asks me to repeat the learned exercises at home and expresses his strong belief in their importance for my continued improvement. I feel safe when working out with Erik, appreciate his thoughtfulness, knowledge of kinesiology and nutrition, and like his gentle encouragement. I, therefore, recommend him as a personal trainer for those with physical limitations, strongly believing that his programs will greatly enhance their wellbeing and boost rehabilitation.

Danuta ***************

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