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Why do our weight loss efforts fail?

Will you please allow me to be perfectly blunt?

It’s that time of year where you are bombarded by thousands of ads on radio, television, social media, websites and magazines about the latest diets, pills and powders to help you lose weight.

Yet, every single year, millions of people continue to fail at controlling their weight because they don’t know how their bodies actually function.

It’s really that simple.

Lack of knowledge coupled with the intense desire to quickly lose weight is a breeding ground for unscrupulous marketers. From quick-fix programs to pills and powders — the weight-loss hucksters push unwitting consumers into programs and products that put their health (and sometimes even their lives) at risk.

May I be honest?

Many people think they have your best interests at heart. But, don’t be fooled by these hucksters.

It is cynical, unethical and dangerous. Yet, year after year it continues.

Blunt 2

Can we talk?

As a certified health and fitness professional I am shocked at the level of deceit perpetrated on the public. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

So, let’s get real. Let’s have an adult conversation – right here, right now -- about how to lose unwanted body-fat and how to finally take control of your weight and overall health -- forever.

Successful Weight-Management is a Mind Set

Successful weight-management starts with a “mind set.” So let’s start with these two golden rules:

● Long-term, permanent weight-management is a by-product of your overall health and lifestyle.

● Long-term, permanent weight-management is NOT a 12-week “Point A” to “Point B” program with a “finish line.”

It’s a Lifestyle…

Athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts never worry about their weight because their day-to-day living includes physical activity, nutritious eating and rest. As a result, their metabolisms run at a higher rate and use up their caloric intake.

Have you ever noticed how much food healthy people eat? A lot!

How to Stay Lean and Fit

If you ask healthy people how they stay so lean and fit, they simply shrug and tell you it’s nothing special. That’s because it’s their lifestyle. To them, this is just normal day-to-day living. So, it’s “nothing special.”

Blunt 3

They also are not sedentary. They take the stairs. They often prefer to walk or ride their bicycles in lieu of the car. They dance, swim and even hula-hoop with their friends, kids and grandkids.

And, when it comes to eating, they actually prefer the taste of nutrient-dense foods over junk food. That’s because their bodies no longer crave sugars, salts and fats.

Successful Weight-Management Starts with Education

I often tell people that successful weight-management starts in the brain. Of course, I’m talking about education.

Understanding human physiology and how your body responds to activity and nutrition is truly the difference between people who achieve long-term success and those who continue to yo-yo diet.


Contact me with your health and fitness goals and I will ensure that you will never, ever fall victim to the phony programs, pills, powders and bogus medical advice.

I look forward to our journey together

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