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Diet Foods: Fads vs Facts

Diets are constantly changing. Everyone is gluten free then everyone is doing keto and then they are intermittent fasting or whatever is popular at the time.

In the quest to find the perfect diet that will help us reach our goals we end up flip flopping from one diet to another ultimately making little or no progress. The fact of the matter is we are all different and what works for one person won't work for another. We all have different lifestyles, physical activity habits and well as genetics, There is no perfect one size fits all diet out there.

But how do I know if it s a fad diet and not sound nutritional advice?

Good question, that's the most important question. If they promise massive results in a short period of time without having even met you its probably not legit.

a few other things to look out for

- very restrictive on calories

- cutting out natural food sources or even whole food groups

- require the use of supplements ( especially when they are making the supplements you have to buy)

most importantly it can't be maintained for the long term. If you can't keep up the way of eating you can't keep the results..

Here are a few more myths to watch out for

Organic food is healthier for you

The verdict is still out on this one, but do note that organic cookies, chips and pastries are still heavily processed and have little nutritional value.

You need to detox to get rid of harmful toxins

the body detoxes itself using the liver, kidneys and skin. you dont need any pills or concoctions for that. ( detoxing was a process originally meant to help alcoholics and drug addicts recover)

Gluten is toxic.

Gluten is simply a protein found in various grains. A relatively small percentage of the population has celiac disease or non-celiac gluten insensitivity.

If you have any questions on nutrition or are interested in a nutrition plan made for you that caters to your specific DNA feel free to contact me.

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